On the Arctix Fox Trail

In July 2019 photographer Marta Bretó went on her third personal expedition to photograph the arctic fox in its natural environment. To do this, she would have to travel through a lonely peninsula in the remote Icelandic fjords.

After eleven days of mountains, valleys, bays, fjords and cliffs, she was able to live with this magnificent animal in one of the most important moments of the year: the cubs’ first steps out of the den.

This film shows Marta’s adventures through this fascinating journey of personal exploration.

cartela zorro festivalindomitus


  • Director: Marta Bretó
  • Cast: Marta Bretó 
  • Length: 58 minutos
  • Release date: Abpril 2022 
  • Travel date: July 2019

What does the purchase or rent include?

  • Movie viewing
  • Subtitles in Spanish and English
  • Selection of unpublished scenes
  • Photo galleryInterviews and
  • Enterviews or videos related
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