July of 2020 – 10 days

Photography Trip to Iceland


July 2021

The point to the northwest of Iceland and Europe is home to the arctic fox in Iceland. In the Peninsula Hornstrandir this animal is protected from hunting and away from humans by a vast and hostile territory.

Our adventure will take us to live together with foxes in the farthest part of the land, near the Arctic Circle. In this area we will plant the camp, since we dondo excursions to explore rivers and waterfalls, black sand beaches, Trolls stone cliffs full of seabirds. In this splendid setting the arctic fox lives, we will see with its summer coat. We will have the opportunity to see the hatchlings fresh from the burrow taking its first steps to explore their world.

cachorros de zorro ártico jugando


This is an exclusive trip in which we will be able to photograph arctic foxes in total freedom. A week on the peninsula uninhabited of Horstrandir, where the foxes live protected from hunting, so that they do not fear the man, as it happens in the rest of Iceland.

Nos alojaremos en un campamento situado en la zona más salvaje de la península. Aprovecharemos las largas horas del día para captar fotografiar al zorro ártico, las diferentes especies de aves y los espectaculares paisajes que nos ofrecen los fiordos, las montañas y los acantilados de la zona.

Whenever the weather permits do excursions to explore the pristine landscape of Hornstrandir. There are several possibilities, and although the level is not too high a minimum required physical form. Anyway, do not worry, because we will be two guides on this expedition, so in some cases it will be possible to divide the group to annoy fewer foxes and day trips of different levels.

About Hornstrandir

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is an unaltered and wild land. The last residents abandoned the place in 1952 because of the harsh conditions of the place. There are no roads in the entire area and it can only be accessed by the sea.

The landscape shows great in all directions. The fjords are formed from high mountains rising abruptly from the level of the sea. Summer dresses color the landscape. We will have many opportunities to portray under changing lights offered meteorology. For this reason we recommend carrying angle lenses plus focal lengths.

The weather is very variable and dramatic. On the same day it can rain, shine the sun and snow, making it easy to imagine the infinite photographic possibilities provided Hornstrandir.



We stay in a camp located in the northernmost part of the peninsula Hornstrandir, surrounded by black sand dunes, Stone Trolls, the beach, the Arctic Ocean to the north and a mountain dotted with waterfalls to the south.

The camp is located very close to the cliffs, which can access on foot or by pneumatic boat.

Community store features full kitchen and an area for meals, heating, seating and storage space for equipment. It also has a generator to charge batteries.

We have several tents for two people and sleeping bags.


Arctic fox, the star of this expedition is the only native mammal in Iceland, where you have to survive under harsh conditions in a hostile environment and with little food. They are very curious animals, and if we are patient enough is likely to approach.

The fur of the Arctic fox can have two shades, blue and white. The white color corresponds to 95% of the world’s population, while blue (brown, actually) is much rarer. Interestingly, in the fjords of western Iceland, 80% of individuals belong to this variety.

Hornstrandir is the place of Iceland with the largest number of arctic foxes. Even so, they are scattered and are very territorial. In the immediate vicinity of our camp we will be able to photograph several families of both colours (blue and white).

In addition to the Arctic fox and some spontaneous encounter with seals, there is also a great variety of birds on the peninsula. There is the possibility of seeing some very interesting species, such as partridges, zarapitos, eideres, harlequin ducks, boreal fulmares and picofino phalaropos. On rare occasions eagles and even some falcon can be seen. In total there are 55 species of birds in Hornstrandir, 14 species of marine mammals (among which different species of whales and two of seals stand out) and five of terrestrial mammals.


  • Photograph the only mammal native to Iceland
  • Get to know the most pristine area of Iceland
  • Observar la fauna salvaje en libertad
  • Explore the cliffs of Hornstrandir, located a few meters from the arctic circle
  • Fotografiar una amplia variedad de aves, como el frailecillo atlántico, el arao o la alca torda, el fulmar boreal, la perdiz nival, el éider y el cisne cantor, entre otras muchas
  • Enjoy the lights that provides the summer icelandic, with sunsets that stretch up beyond the 00 h
  • Be one of the few people inhabiting the place
  • Count on the experience and advice of a guide, photographer and mountain with great knowledge of Iceland and the arctic fox


This is a 100% INDOMITUS tour

3200 € por persona (precio 2021 para confirmar)


  • Alojamiento de las noches previas y posteriores a nuestra llegada a la península de Hornstrandir (Reykjavík y/o Isafjördur) en habitación doble y/o triple. Dos noches en Isafjördur y dos en Reykjavík
  • Transfer del aeropuerto internacional de Keflavik al hotel de Reykjavík
  • Traslado en barco desde Isafjördur al campamento de Hornstrandir
  • Alojamiento las 5 noches (6 días) en el campamento de Hornstrandir en tienda doble
  • Todos los desayunos, comidas y cenas durante los 6 días de estancia en el campamento de Hornstrandir
  • Chef que cocinará para nosotros todas las comidas los 6 días de estancia en Hornstrandir.
  • Lancha neumática para transportarnos siempre que lo deseemos, des del campamento hasta la playa más cercana a los acantilados
  • Traslado en barco desde el campamento de Hornstrandir a Isafjördur
  • Transfer del hotel de Reykjavík al aeropuerto internacional de Keflavik
  • Acompañamiento en todo momento de la guía fotográfica Marta Bretó, que proporcionará atención personalizada a cada viajero, tanto en el aspecto técnico como en el comportamiento de la especie para permitir un acercamiento exitoso. El asesoramiento será de 24 horas e incluye las explicaciones para optimizar las fotos y la edición de las imágenes para garantizar un buen reportaje final
  • Seguro complet plus (cobertura medica hasta 15 000 euros y anulación hasta 1000 euros)


  • Vuelo internacional (sobre 300 € con una maleta facturada. Precio a fecha del 19/11/2019 y sujetos a disponibilidad y con salida desde Barcelona)
  • Vuelo interno de ida y vuelta de Reykjavík a Isafjördur (354,87 € a fecha de 19/11/2019 y sujetos a disponibilidad)
  • Opcional: Visita al Arctic Fox Centre para comprender mejor al zorro ártico islandés: 62 € (incluye traslado ida y vuelta en taxi privado)
  • Personal expenses
  • Any concept not specified in the paragraph “The price includes”


Please contact us to make a reservation or to request more information about this trip.
Please, tell us exactly how we can help.

You will find us in info@indomitus.eu





Marta Bretó

Nature photographer and mountain and travel guide, she enjoys touring the most varied landscapes and the most starry nights with the intention of capturing the wild and beautiful aspects that nature offers through her images. Nature and photography lover, she makes his passion her way of life, in addition to using her work to motivate the conservation and respect of wildlife.



Photographer and translator specialized in photography, medicine and sports books. Photography teacher and traveler.

Since years I travel around the world to collect experiences and images, taking photos of everything that strikes me and surprises me.

I am the author of three books and to date I have received several photography awards and mountain film such as National Geographic, MontPhoto, Sonimag photo or Mostra d audiovisuals de muntanya, among others



Tato Rosés


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