July of 2024 – 11 days

Photography Trip to Iceland


13 – 23 July 2024

Our adventure will take us to the farthest part of the Iceland, near the Arctic Circle. In this area we will set up our basecamp, from where we can hike in order to explore rivers and waterfalls, black sand beaches and cliffs full of seabirds. In this splendid setting the arctic fox lives. We will see them with their summer coat and we will have the chance to photograph the young cubs taking its first steps to explore their new world.

cachorros de zorro ártico jugando


This is an exclusive trip in which we will be able to photograph arctic foxes in total freedom. 5 days and 6 nights on the uninhabited peninsula of Horstrandir, where the foxes live protected from hunting, so that they do not fear the man, as it happens in the rest of Iceland.

We will stay in a cozy camp located in the wildest area of the peninsula. We will take advantage of the long hours of the day and the midnight sun in order to photograph the arctic fox, the different species of birds and the spectacular landscapes that the fjords, mountains and cliffs of the area offer us.

Whenever the weather permits we will do small hikes in order to explore the pristine landscape of Hornstrandir. There are several possibilities, and although the hiking level is not too high a minimum physical form is required. 


About Hornstrandir

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is an unaltered and wild land. The last residents abandoned the place in 1952 because of the harsh conditions of the place. There are no roads in the entire area and it can only be accessed by the sea.

The landscape is simply amazing. The fjords are formed from high mountains rising abruptly from sea level. Summer gives rich colors to the landscape due to greens and flowers. We will have many opportunities to portray this amazing landscapes under different lights. For this reason we recommend carrying wide angle lenses in addition to long lenses used in wildlife photography.

The weather is very variable and dramatic. On the same day it can rain, the sun can shine and later start to rain again, making it easy to imagine the infinite photographic possibilities provided by Hornstrandir.



We stay in a camp located in the northernmost part of the peninsula Hornstrandir, surrounded by black sand dunes, stone Trolls, the beach, the Arctic Ocean to the north and a mountain dotted with waterfalls to the south.

The camp is located very close to the cliffs, which can access on foot or by pneumatic boat.

Community camp features full kitchen and an area for meals, heating, seating and storage space for equipment. It also has a generator to charge batteries.

We have several tents for two people and sleeping bags.


The arctic fox, the star of this expedition, is the only terrestrial native mammal in Iceland, where it has to survive under the most difficult conditions in a harsh environment with little food. They are very curious animals, and if we are patient enough, it is very likely that they will come closer.

The fur of the arctic fox can have two morphs, blue and white. The white color corresponds to 95% of the world’s population, while the blue is rare. Curiously, in the western fjords of Iceland, 80% of the individuals belong to this strange variety.

Hornstrandir is the place in Iceland with the largest number of arctic foxes. Even so, they are scattered and very territorial. In the vicinity of our camp we will be able to photograph several families of both morphs (blue and white).

In addition to the arctic fox and the occasional spontaneous encounter with seals, there is also a wide variety of migratory birds on the peninsula. There is the possibility of seeing some very interesting species, such as ptarmigan, curlews, golden plovers, eiders, harlequin ducks, boreal fulmars and red necked phalaropes. On rare occasions, eagles and even a gyrfalcon can be seen. In total there are 55 species of birds in Hornstrandir, 14 species of marine mammals (among which different species of whales and two of seals stand out) and five of land mammals.


  • Photograph Iceland’s only native terrestrial mammal
  • Discover the most pristine area of Iceland
  • Observe wildlife in its habitat
  • Learn how to photograph animals in the wild
  • Explore the cliffs of Hornstrandir, located a few meters from the Arctic Circle
  • Photograph a wide variety of birds, including Atlantic Puffins, Guillemots, Northern Fulmars, Ptarmigans, Eiders, Whooper Swans, and many more
  • Enjoy the lights that the Icelandic summer offers, with sunsets that last until after midnight
  • Being one of the few people inhabiting the place
  • Have the experience and advice of a photographer and mountain guide with great knowledge of Iceland and the Arctic Fox


3500€ per person
Price with no hotels is 2945 € per person

*In “No hotels option” we meet in Ísafjördur’s pier, so tour is really from 15 July to 20 July.
This is a good option if you are travelling through Iceland and want to meet us there.


  • Accommodation for the nights before and after our arrival on the Hornstrandir peninsula (Reykjavík and/or Isafjördur) in a double room and breakfast. Two nights in Isafjördur and three in Reykjavík. (Not included in “no hotels option”).
  • Transfer from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavík hotel. (Not included in “no hotels option”).
  • Boat transfer from Isafjördur to Hornstrandir camp
  • Accommodation for 5 nights (6 days) at Hornstrandir camp in double tent
  • All breakfast, lunch and dinner during the 6 days of stay in the Hornstrandir camp
  • Chef who will cook for us all meals during the 6 days of stay in Hornstrandir.
  • Inflatable boat to transport us whenever we want, from the camp to the beach closest to the cliffs
  • Boat transfer from Hornstrandir camp to Isafjördur
  • Transfer from Reykjavík hotel to Keflavik International Airport. (Not included in “no hotels option”).
  • Accompaniment at all times by the photographic guide Marta Bretó, who will provide personalized attention to each traveler, both in the technical aspect and in the behavior of the species to allow a successful approach.


  • International flight 
  • Accident and cancellation insurance
  • Roundtrip internal flight from Reykjavík to Isafjördur
  • Any concept not specified in the section “The price includes”


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Nature photographer and mountain and travel guide, she enjoys touring the most varied landscapes and the most starry nights with the intention of capturing the wild and beautiful aspects that nature offers through her images. Nature and photography lover, she makes hes passion her way of life, in addition to using her work to motivate the conservation and respect of wildlife.

Marta Bretó


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