The Caribou Path. Into Alaska's Wilderness


“We Gwit’chin are an ancient and united people. We live in a very cold place. We know how to survive. We don’t make money, we live from the land. Until now”.

Over 18 days photographers Marta Bretó and Tato Rosés explore the world of the gwit’chin, also called Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Alaska), one of the most pristine and wild areas on Earth. Their purpose is to experience what nature was like before the invasion of human beings. 80,000 km2 of tundra, mountains, rivers, without a single road to the coastal plain, next to the Arctic Ocean.

Los caminos del caribu 1200


  • Director: Marta Bretó
  • Starring: Marta Bretó y Tato Rosés
  • Length: 72 minutes
  • Release date: April 2023 
  • Travel date: June 2022

What does the purchase or rent include?

  • Movie viewing
  • Subtitles in Spanish and English
  • Selection of unpublished scenes
  • Photo gallery
  • Watercolors from Marta’s diary
  • Interviews and videos related


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OFFICIAL SELECTION Tatras International Film Festival 2023
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